Humanity Is Ugly

Humanity Is Ugly

NITE presents ‘Humanity is Ugly‘ (La humanidad es fea).

The Intensive Care Unit. A comedy about four people with terminal diseases discussing who will die first. What begins as a mournful dialogue about each of their illnesses gradually becomes a hilarious competition to be the first to die.

Title: Humanity is Ugly / Original Title: La humanidad es fea / Playwright: Íñigo Ramírez de Haro / Director: Beatriz Cabur / Actors: Maribel Lafuente, Rosa Aguerri, Marta Pérez-Arcos, Pilar Ramos y Carmen Muro. / Video Designer: Alex Ríos / Assistant Directors: Isabel Morilla y Carmen Muro / Programme Manager: Mirko Grewing / Technical SupportFundación Dédalo, Mario Berdonces / Italian premiere date: March 7th, 2013.


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7th March 2013