The Collectors

The Collectors

NITE presents ‘The Collectors‘ (Los coleccionistas).

There are objects that contain mysterious stories.  Objects that open doors to the fantastical and give you access to strange worlds.  It is through one of these objects, “An Extreme Red”, that Oesterheld the librarian encounters Rais, a mysterious and dangerous woman who takes him on an exciting adventure linked to the fetishistic power of relics that are highly desired by a select group of collectors.

Title: The Collectors / Original Title: Los coleccionistas / Playwright:  Ignacio García May / Director: Beatriz Cabur / Actors: Pilar Gil, Luis González and Jorge Andolz / Video Designer: Alex Ríos / Assistant Directors: Isabel Morilla y Carmen Muro / Programme Management: Mirko Grewing / Technical SupportFundación Dédalo, Mario Berdonces / Italian premiere date: February 21st, 2013.



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21st February 2013